Altura is a values-driven business enabler and investment platform, with an 18-year solid history of delivering results and keeping promises.

We team up with institutional investors, entrepreneurs, corporations, and accomplished executives to cultivate scalable enterprises by providing them with a specialized toolkit and financial support.

Scalability is a key consideration, and we draw inspiration from the partners and team members prior experiences and a proven playbook to seize our future.

Guiding Principles & Shared Values

Every team member is a daily ambassador of our team values.

Diagram of Altura Core Values

Purpose & Mission

  • Since inception Altura’s purpose has been to transform and improve societies through enabling entrepreneurial success.
  • Our mission has also been clear: To deliver above market financial returns + impact.

Corporate Structure

  • Our corporate structure is dynamic, purpose and mission oriented, and clearly guided by our values.
  • We have a continued focus on institutionalizing excellence across all functions as we build a lasting and durable firm.
  • We leverage deep expertise and proven value creation systems to partner with management teams that lead scalable businesses.



Our first and foremost duty is our fiduciary duty to protect and grow the assets we are entrusted with. We are results-driven.


We conduct ourselves with integrity and accountability, the pursuit of excellence, and innovation. We are team-driven and process-driven.


We are proactive builders of the future in a relentless pursuit of a big mission.


We honor our history and the impact commitment we have made since 2005.


We are proactive in identifying areas for improvement through open dialogue, empathy, and kindness.

Work-Life Balance

We believe in a healthy work-life balance.


We have a commitment to training the next generation of private equity, private credit, and scalable, diverse entrepreneurs.

The Altura Way | Our Four Pillars

Investor Alignment

Our first and highest duty is our fiduciary duty to invest well and run a seamless operation that will make our high caliber investor base proud.

We have a partnership driven approach. We strive to honor and deepen relationships.

Deals / Portfolio Oversight

We have nurtured relationships and expertise for over 18 years that has led to our robust pipeline and a solid value building playbook. We have a well-honed system to source, structure, monitor, add-value, and exit.

Operations / Compliance

We have implemented a scalable, KPI driven operations and compliance model to honor our commitments and deliver value.

Team / Culture

A great team can achieve great and sustainable results. We foster an empathic, kind, inclusive value-driven culture of innovation and excellence that provides all team members with a clear vision and an environment that brings out the best in the team and in each person.

Blameless problem solving spirit.

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