Strategy With Corporations

We are taking a significant qualitative step to deepen collaboration with targeted corporations within our verticals, from scaling the business, to ownership transfers, to potential divestitures. Altura acts as a value-added capital partner.

Corporate Partnerships

A unique sustainable non-auction deal source pipeline

Working with Corporate America allows for us to many times have a first pass at potential candidates and offers great market visibility.

We can set the terms for execution and bring in the right co-investors that are eager to participate in this proprietary recipe.

A standardized process with a commitment to regular meetings to evaluate potential strategic outcomes. Shorter timelines allow us to review many opportunities efficiently and select the winners.

Guided by clear strategic goals and research, with active presence in industry associations, corporate conferences and webinars, as well as collaboration with academia, regulators and other key stakeholders.

BDR Triad is an initiative developed together with the Billion Dollar Roundtable to scale diverse entrepreneurs.

  • Evaluation of Strategic Direction of Corporation
  • Target Key Suppliers
  • Monthly Calls to review Pipeline
  • Review the 5 Strategic Outcomes
The Roadmap

The BDR Triad Initiative.

The BDR Triad Initiative is a Theory of Change and Playbook that aligns corporations, diverse suppliers, and capital providers to achieve growth and fulfill corporate supplier diversity goals, through scaling, acquisitions, strategic partnerships and divestures.


Building trust and communications structure, understanding tools, finding areas of collaboration.


Generating specific opportunities internally, ensuring the state of readiness.


Structuring the Win-Win-Win.


Monitoring success, generating case studies, scaling the model through increased trust, communication.


Optimizing and standardizing data and existing tools, sharing best practices, continuing alignment of business models.

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The SCD Model

The invitation for corporations is to ask themselves, which 5 current suppliers or opportunities can you envision based on your corporate needs/strategic intent?

4 arrows expanding from the center pointing to each corner


Expand an existing diverse business by acquiring more capacity (organic growth and growth through acquisition) or identify new firms in sectors with supplier opportunity.
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Convert a non-diverse business with diverse talent and capital (growth through acquisitions, JVs and partnerships).
Arrow right from bracket


Allocate an existing asset that is being sold by the Corporation to become a diverse businesses concern.
Altura Triad

The Altura Triad process with corporations entails a continuous pipeline.

150 Deals


13-30 Deals


2-3 Deals


2-3 Deals


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